Letter 3

“My Darling Honey Boy (that isn’t half what I would say to you if you were here)”

We find out in letter number 3 that Lillie has been getting over some kind of sickness. Although she’s healthy enough to write, she’s apparently not feeling well enough to write more than a few lines at a time without “getting dizzy.” She’s playing up the Damsel in Distress role but we have to remember that she’s 15 and wants her boyfriend to worry about her.

We also learn that Lillie has a baby brother/sister who they call “Baby” or “Baby Jackson” (Jackson is their last name). He/she sounds adorable and from the note at the end it seems as though Lillie adores him as well. A friend shared with me that the S.W.A.K. inscription on the back of the letters means “Sealed With a Kiss.” Can I start adding this to the end of my e-mails?

Spoiler alert: we never find out if Georgie’s company was “a girl” but let’s hope not!


Letter 3 was written on two small piece of card stock and a separate sheet of paper
Jackson’s scribbles and “kisses”


Wed. Night

My Darling Honey Boy (that isn’t half what I would say to you if you were here). Well Sweetheart I am not much better tonight only my throat feels a little better tonight and papa went to Lupton tonight and I didn’t feel like going so George came over and stayed with me. They didn’t get back until 10:15 and it is 11 now. You had better get rid of


that big head and don’t get what I have got I certainly had the big head (if that’s what you call it) all day today. Now Georgie you rather told on yourself when you said you had company, now what girl is coming to see you way up there,  well I am going to tell you one thing and then I am going to close for I am getting awful dizzy — I love you.


Well I guess I can write a little bit more I have been lying on the bed all day. I haven’t ate a meal since yesterday morn. About all I have ate is an orange and some cherry juice, sure have felt bum. Yes Sweetheart I would like to know what you do, so you can tell me in your next letter can’t you Sweetheart? I got your postcard and letter mon. & got your (over)


other letter today. Say Sweetheart don’t quit your job. Well I must quit for this time for I want to go to bed, maybe I will write some more tomorrow, so goodnight from your own girlie. Remember that I love you (when will you be down?)


Thur. morning

Well I guess I will write a little more this morning.

Say Hon did you get Mamma’s letter? Boo hoo I’m going to get jealous. (Ha.) We thot we had better let you know that I wasn’t able to write so you woudn’t look your eyes out for a letter. Yes, I am going to school now, getting along pretty good nothing extra though. I went Monday and Tuesday and my head and throat began hurting about 10:30 Tues. at school and by the time school was out I wasn’t hardly able to get home, and then to help matters out when I got home the folks were gone and they didn’t get home untill about 7:30, now don’t you suppose I had a nice time here all by my lonesome and so sick I couldn’t stand up. You said you only put a one-cent stamp on your post card, but when I gotit it had a one-cent stamp & a three-cent stamp on it.

No sweetheart your letter wasn’t too strong it was all right, well I guess I will have to quit now until the next time.

So bye, bye from your girlie. XXX

I love you X


Also included was a note of scribbles. Lillie wrote on the top of the note:

She says “Here dats from Baby Jackson.” Baby said she was going to write to Georgie too & send him some kisses like you do so I had to send it to satisfy her.

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