Letter 9

“Fire always does make me nervous tho!”

Believe it or not, 9 months have passed since our last letter in September! It is now the year of our lord, 1919, and unfortunately I don’t have any letters between this time.

Although a great deal of time has passed, it doesn’t seem like it to Lillie and Georgie. Lillie still writes as though she adores Georgie and signs her letters with kisses. At the time of the last letter, Georgie was in training in New Jersey for the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF). Now, Georgie is stationed “somewhere in France” according to the address on the letter. By the grace of God this letter did appear to make it to France, despite the confusion about his actual address. Although Georgie is now off fighting the good fight, Lillie still does not seem concerned about his welfare or day to day activities. She continues to share about her own little adventures. This could be to take his mind off of the stress and loneliness he could be facing abroad.

Also, did you notice he was promoted to Corporal? Lillie seems so proud!

There was a fire on the farm! Fires were much more common at the time because most households were heated by coal. Lillie admits that she caused the fire by throwing ashes onto a wood pile. (Could it have been a blonde moment? Sounds suspiciously like something I would do…) Thankfully no one was hurt, other than Lillie’s mother when Lillie backed into her with the car, sending her into a ditch. Classic Lil!


Ft Lupton Colo
June 2 -1919


My Darling Sweetheart,

How is my little Georgie boy tonight? I am feeling fine, only I would love to see my boy tonight.

Just think Honey I received 2 nice big letters from you today, now I had ought to feel good had I not? Well I am all alone tonight. Mama, Daddy and Babe all went over to St. Vrain tonight, to see the ditch boss, and as I wanted to write my Georgie Boy I stayed home, so you see I am all alone, aren’t I. But I knew I had to write tonight or else wait until Wed. night, for I have to go down and practice tomorrow night for that drill team, Every Tuesday night, so you see I couldn’t write tomorrow night.


Well that soldier boy from uncle Charlie’s was down here yesterday, had a real good time, he had to irregate last Sun. so he couldn’t come down, and he is coming down again next Sun. and then he has to irregate the next two Sun. Then you will have to come home and come out here, so I won’t be alone, see?


Well the folks just got home so I’m not alone anymore. My I was sure surprised when I read your letter and then came to your address. Corp’l George Jandreau. I knew that you would be more than just a common private, but it doesn’t make me think any more of you. Nothing could make me think more of you, cause I think so much of you as it is possible, see?

You say you have forgotten how to dance, you come back and I will teach you how. I have already taught one


Soldier boy how to dance. Yes Elmer quit and went down a mile south of here and began working and going with Malta Aimiyutti and now he wants to come back to me and of course there is nothing doing here.

I am glad that my Darling Boy has throwed away those bad habits, of so glad.

Well Sweetheart I must close for tonight as it is 15 min. to 11 and I have got to be up late tomorrow night, so goodnight, your Little Girlie XXX


June 4 1919

Well Here I am again Sweetheart, I didn’t get this mailed Tuesday (yest) and I went down to drill last night. So I will try to finish it this morning and get it mailed.

I have to go up to Edsen’s pretty soon after water. So will have to hurry.

Oh say Georgie our coal-house & coal and our big wood pile burned down last Thursday, I threw


some ashes out between the wood-pile an chicken-house up in the morning and the wind came up just awfully hard. After dinner Mamma, Baby & myself were going to Brighton, and Mama & I were both undressed and Babe went to the door and came running into the bed-room and said “Oh Mama we can’t go to town everything is on fire” and Mama and I run to the door and it was all on fire and not another soul around the house. Mama went out and called Uncle Earl and I went and


got the car right out to go get some water, for we had neither drinking water nor lake water up here. We were just going after drinking water, so we put the barrell right onto the back of the car and by the time I got started after water Mr. Brown and Clinton were up here in their car with 2 cans of water, and then Papa came down from irregating on Old Teddy and then all the best help came over and Harm’s, Norden’s Mussers, Bunkhardt, Merl Edsen were all here


before we could hardly turn around, and we had 2 cars one with cans and one with the barrel on behind besides cans in it, hauling water from the lake just as fast as they could. Besides Uncle Earl’s team and barrel and 2 of the men got up on top of the house to pour water over it and one of them took hold of the cone of the house to pull himself up and it was so hot he couldn’t hold to it at all, so we were lucky to have any house left at all, and


the coal-house was so awfully close to the house too, and I was so excited that I bumped into Mama with the car, down where we got water at the ditch and knocked her off into the ditch and she was mud from head to foot. They said I would never be whiter when I was dead, I was scared about the fire. Fire always does make me nervous tho!

Well Sweetheart it is 11:30 so guess I will go after my water. So Goodbye Darling Boy. Hoping to see you soon I will close with Fond Love.

Your Sweetheart Girlie

(I Love You) XXXX

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