Letter 2

“Here’s to the girl with the eyes of brown, Ask her for a kiss and she’ll turn you down; Here’s to the girl with the eyes of blue, Ask for a kiss and she’ll give you two”

In the second letter, we learn that Lillie is not such a modest young lady. She’s quite flirty and you can guess that “Mamma” was not screening all of the letters. In some ways, Lillie sounds like a typical 15 year old girl, secretly writing to her boyfriend and excited to see her friend. 

One of the places she mentions, “Gailors” does not seem to exist on a map of Colorado, which means it could have been the last name of a family friend. Perhaps “Ella” is the daughter of family friends or a cousin. 

In the last line, Lillie requests that Georgie doesn’t get rid of the letters she sends him. He obviously respected her request which is why the letters were all so neatly kept in their envelopes, dated and kept for over 100 years! Although Georgie kept nearly all of Lillie’s letters, I only have one written from Georgie to Lillie, suggesting that she was not as prudent about taking care of his letters or perhaps they were lost. Either way, let’s me thankful that in this case many letters were saved. Also, she did a wonderful job of numbering each of her pages to keep them organized and easy to read. Thanks Lillie!


Fort Lupton, Colo.

February 23, 1918 Sweetheart

Thursday Eve

Well my Sweetheart Boy those men are still and in this room too, never went to the kitchen, so wouldn’t have been so nice if you had of been here. Well I waited till nine o’clock tho’t they would either go in the kitchen or else go home, but they didn’t go, (so I just sot myself down and began writing). Gee I would like to see My Boy to-night awfully bad.

Well Hon I have been half an hour writing this, they are talking about things in California and I have been listening, about a shipwreck, but I’m going to write now. Say Honey Boy here is a toast on your blue-eyed Girlie (whoever she is- HA) “Here’s to the girl with the eyes of brown, Ask her for a kiss and she’ll turn you down; Here’s to the girl with the eyes of blue, Ask for a kiss and she’ll give you two.” Some toast isn’t it, kiddo?

Well the men have gone and I suppose papa will come in and tell me to go to bed. There, he just come in now and said, “well I guess we better go to bed hadn’t we,” and mamma said, “The bed’s ready if you want to get into it,” to papa. I am getting affully sleepy wont you come and rock me to sleep? Please, (I’m afraid there wouldn’t be very much sleeping. What do you think?)

I guess I will go up to Gailors Sat. to see Ella. I got a letter from her Tuesday and she said she would love to see me before she went away, she is going to Longmont to her other sisters, where her and I were a year ago last summer. So I guess I will go see her because it may be a long time before I see her again.

I’ve got a book open here in front of me, so Papa will think I am copying a price, ain’t it awful. Well Darling I will have to say good-night for to-night. So good night ( I am all undressed ready for bed and it is pretty cool) Well I’ll say good-night again,

Your Loving Sweetheart Girlie

X good-night kiss the kind we like (long one) ha! Ha, X,



Be sure and write to your Girlie and don’t burn them, no matter what happens or whether we talk over the phone.

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