Letter 15

Sweetheart you are in my thoughts all of the time”

It’s been a while since I posted a new letter, sorry about that folks! So let me refresh your memory. In Lillie’s last letter, she confessed that she was not in love with Georgie like he was with her. She went back and forth on the matter for awhile, and by the end of the letter she decided that she would give him another chance.

Now, over a month has past, and the next letter is from George. I was a little unsure for awhile whether Georgie and Lillie would have a happy ending. After all, in the past Lillie has turned down a proposal from Georgie and tried to leave him for another man! Thankfully, it appears that the couple is happy and in love again! Georgie’s letters prove that he’s not much for adding details, but instead would like to concentrate his letters more on how much he wishes they could see each other in person, so they can “love each other.” I guess men haven’t changed that much in 100 years…

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Nov 27, 1919

Wednesday Night

My darling little Sweetheart girly, how is my Sweetheart tonight? Fine I hope. I can’t say that I am so very fine. I wanted to see my honey girl tonight and now that I can’t see you I feel oh just so awful, I just don’t know what to do with myself. I wonder if my honey girl has been thinking of me tonight. I hope so, oh how I wish I could get a nice big letter from you tomorrow, I know that I would feel a whole lot better then.

Oh honey girl I just love you and love you and love you tonight. Oh honest I do. Sweetheart you are in my thoughts all of the time, oh sweetheart why ain’t you here to love me tonight. I don’t know why it had to storm. Just think I was coming out there all by myself and I hadn’t thought of anything all week but going out there to see you tonight and now I am badly disappointed that I could almost cry or else say darn, darn, darn! Or something worse but don’t suppose it would help matters anymore so I won’t.

Well darling I suppose you will get tired reading this much so think I had better ring off. Hoping that my honey loves me and is thinking of me tonight. I remain ever your

Georgie Boy

Who loves you with all of his heart. Xxxxx and hopes to be your future.

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