Letter 6

“Say the next time you take a ride in that new Hup, just think of me”

In letter 6, we learn that Georgie may or may not have a side chick…what! Also, why was he trying to kiss other girls? Come on Georgie, obviously Lillie is a catch. Hopefully he gets his act together.


The other fun piece in this letter is discovering what a “Hup” is. “Hup” is apparently short for “Hupmobile” which was an automobile built from 1909 through 1939 by the Hupp Motor Car Company.  It must have been a blast to ride in one based on Lillie’s comment about it. She sounded downright envious that Georgie got to ride in one. Golly!




“sealed with a kiss”



Fort Lupton C.
April 22 – 1918

My Darling Sweetheart got your letter today. The one you said you was coming and had some time to write and that I had ought to write when I had time.

Say you had better leave that girl alone up there or there might be a little girl mad down here (Ha. Ha) (“Don’t Worry”)

Say Hon you didn’t tell


me what you done the other day you said in your letter you done something, but you couldn’t tell me in your letter and would tell me what it was when you seen me, see if you can’t tell me in your letter. Well Honeyboy I guess I will have to go to bed. Papa has gone to bed and Herman is going home & Mama is going to bed. Aunt Lillie is going to sit up with her tonight, Mama sat up last night. Well Goodnight Sweetheart for now

XX – and good ones


Well Sweetheart, Here I am again, had some more tests today and had to bring some home, just got them finished.

Well it is snowing and raining and blowing tonight, wish you were here tonight.

Say Honeyboy I just don’t believe what you said about the girls not letting you kiss them, because any girl would let a


nice little Boy like you kiss them, I know I would if I get a chance or if you would do it. Say the next time you take a ride in that new Hup, just think of me and make believe I am there too and then write and tell me about how much fun we had (HA. HA.)

Well Darling I guess I will have to get to bed if I want to get up in the morning. Think of me often and I will do the same.

So Bye Bye Darling, with lots of love from your Girlie. XXXXXXXXXX (lots of them)

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