Letter 16

I would love him and love & love & then kiss him til he got tired of it. How many kisses do you s’pose that would be?”

In this week’s letter, we learn just how solidified Georgie and Lillie’s relationship is. Lillie is currently working on adding lace to their pillowcases. Her mom is showering them with gifts, including  a silver casserole dish and a vinegar cruet (that Lillie spells “cruit.”)

She wants all of these things by spring, could that be when the wedding date is? It’s currently November as Lillie writers her love, so spring is only a few months away!

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Ft Lupton Colorado
Nov 27 -19

My Darling sweetheart,

Oh how lonesome, Gee I wish my boy was here, I wouldn’t touch him, I would just sit on the other side of the room from him and just be awfully good. Yes I see Miss Lillie doing that, don’t you sweetheart? No I wouldn’t do that — I would love him and love & love & then kiss him til he got tired of it. How many kisses do you s’pose that would be? Not very many or a lot? Oh Georgie I have got quite a bit more done on my lace for our pillowcases and I have one pair of pillowcases made ready to put the lace on them & another pair made and the lace on them. 

Oh I think I’ll have most of my things made by next Spring, don’t you snookums? Mama gave me a little black & white rag rug, just bout 27 inches by 36 and a little red rug made of matting or straw, about 20 by 30 — now isn’t that nice, I’ll say it is, and the prettiest cut glass vinegar- cruit — all today — and a lot of times and the swellest sterling silver casserole baking dish and silver teapot. And silver & glass cheese & cracker dish, oh she is the bestest old mama I ever knew, isn’t she?

Oh I want to see my baby boy so bad, honest I do Sweetheart.

Well I must close for tonight and go to Dreamland and meet my sweet little Snookums there.

So goodnight Sweetheart Boy — your little Girlie loves her Boy with all her heart.

Your Little Sweetheart Girlie


Fri Morning

Say Sweetie Mrs. Norden just called & said for us not to come next Sat Night or tomorrow night but wait till a week from tomorrow night, She said it was too cold — and Sweetheart don’t you think it is too cold to go to Helmar Sun? I think I could go but I would really rather wait until it is warmer, for we couldn’t be on the street & enjoy ourselves with it so cold could we Dearest Boy?

Well I must mail this now so Bye Bye Darling

Hoping to see you Sat.
I remain your Girlie.

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