Letter 10

“I hope that I will soon have the chance to love you all I want, too. Now you want to be prepared when you get back here.”

Letter 10 was written about a week after Letter 9. In this letter, we hear more about Lillie’s daily farm life (milking cows, driving into town for a tractor show, etc.). However; we also learn that another young man (a solider boy like Georgie) is attempting to court Lillie. She puts away Georgie’s concerns, but also can’t help but rub it in his face a little. “Now don’t that beat all?”

I love that Lillie does not want Georgie to sign his letters as “George.” In this sense, I think that Lillie is trying to cling to the youth of their relationship and some of the nostalgia that emerges when years pass. She wants him to stay “Georgie” so that everything will stay the same, whether he is fighting in a war or not.

In letter 10, we once again get a truckload of flirtations and promiscuous suggestions from Lillie. “I hope that I will soon have the chance to love you all I want, too.” I can’t help but imagine Georgie reading these letters to his buddies in France, high-fiving each other and patting Georgie on the back. Lillie knows how to keep him interested, but she also knows that he’s at war and distractions like these are a good thing. 


Without further ado, please enjoy Letter 10.


Ft Lupton Colo.
June 6 – 1919

My Darling Sweetheart Honeyboy, the dearest one in all this whole, wide, wide world.

I received a letter from my Boy yesterday and as I had to go down and practice for a play, I didn’t get to answer it last night. There mama just said I had better come to bed, as I am going to a dance tomorrow night and they are all in bed. Will finish this tomorrow. Goodnight Dearest Boy

XXXX your Girlie

Wed night (11-19)

Well Honeyboy I am positively ashamed of myself.

I have been in Greely all this week, Sylva & Herman went up to Grandma Davis’ Sun. morning and then H. came home Sun. night and Sylva stayed, and she didn’t want to come home alone on the train. So I went to Aunt Julia’s Sun. night and stayed until Mon. night and then Ernest (the boy that works for them) and I went to Greely mon. evening and I stayed ‘til tonight (Wed) We both of us girls came home.

We sure had a fine time both of us.

I am glad that you had a good time at that big supper, for I just love for my boy to have a good time. They surely must have had a fine supper.

You spoke about Elmer getting mad because a Soldier Boy come to see me, but what do you think? Now he wants to go with me again, now don’t that beat all? I’ll say it does. But nothing doing here for him, get that? And he will get it too, if he asks me again. He is still going with Melda Amiyotti.

Say Georgie Boy, I don’t want you to sign your name George anymore, because you are still my Dear Georgie Boy. Now remember, it is Georgie and not George, you aren’t George & never will be to me, will you my Sweetheart? Say no, now, will you?

Mama is telling me about the show last night, They all went last night, to Brighton of course. Say Honey you’d better hurry and come back here ‘cause Frontier’s Day, will soon be here, and you know what a time we had, 2 years ago, won’t you tweetheart mine?

Oh I just feel so, oh I don’t know how I feel, I don’t want to write and I can’t think of anything to write,I just want you here, oh if you were here I could talk a leg, oh I mean arm off you. Now aren’t you glad you aren’t here. I just know you are — (not.)

Gee but I wish you were here tonight, I could just love you to pieces, honest I could, I just feel that way tonight, you know I always was kind of that way any-way, but I really could just love you & love you good, I just know I could, and I hope that I will soon have the chance to love you all I want, too. Now you want to be prepared when you get back here.

I sure wish that I could be there to take walks with you those nice nights, but I would rather you would be here, wouldn’t you? I know you would though.

I guess we are going to Denver tomorrow, to a big tractor show. You better come and go with us, my I sure wish you could.

It is 9:10 and mama has gone to bed and baby too, and the men are still out in the field irregating and Daddy hasn’t milked yet, so I have to stay up to separate the milk, but I am writing to my Boy anyways, so why should I care how long they stay.

My it just seems like I simply can’t think of anything to say tonight. I am awfully tires tonite. We walked all over the town of Greely today, I think. Well Darling I guess I will ring off for now.

Just remember, there’s a little Girl back here in the U.S.A. waiting for her Little Soldier Boy. I must quit now.

Your sweetheart Girlie,

You can have XXX all you want

(I love you Dearest)

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