Letter 5

“Say Hon the next time you have an ice cream soda you just send a couple bites down here to me.”

Letter 5 is pretty short and sweet.

I love that she used “punk” as an adjective. I researched the etymology and around this time, “punk” could have mean “weak, or unwell.” Sinclair Lewis wrote in 1922 in his noval, Babbitt,  “I feel kind of punk this morning,” he said. “I think I had too much dinner last evening. You oughtn’t to serve those heavy banana fritters.”

We also have more evidence that Lillie’s family were farmers, with the introduction of Molly the Hog and her brand new piglets.

The mention of a few old fashioned treats, an “ice cream soda” and “chocolate caramels” make my mouth water! I worked at an ice cream store for nearly 8 years, and I am thankful that my Boss once told me how to make an ice cream soda. They are simple to make and quite delicious. Follow the recipe below if you’d like to try:


  1. Take one scoop of Vanilla ice cream and scoop it into a tall glass.
  2. Squirt 2-3 pumps of real chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream
  3. Using a metal spoon, stir the ice cream and syrup together until it makes a creamy, chocolate liquid.
  4. Pour seltzer water over the chocolate mixture and then gently mix with a metal spoon
  5. Top with 1-2 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry. Voilà! An Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda (At least how I was taught).


I also did some searching and found a recipe for Chocolate Caramels (circa 1908). Check it out here: Chocolate Caramels

If you have a different recipe or try either of these out, let me know or comment below! I might have to make an ice cream soda today, now I’m craving one…





Ft Lupton colo.
April 15 1918


My Darling Honey Boy

Just got your letter today, sure glad to get it.

I feel all right now. I felt rather punk last night but I guess it was because I didn’t see you, don’t know what else it could be.

Say you just tell those folks to stay away and not bother you when you are writing to your Girlie.


Say talk about thunder and lightning, we certainly had our share of it Sunday. We have an increase in our family, our old Molly hog has got nine of the nicest red and black piggies, and by the looks of the cats and dogs around here we are going to have some more increases too, but mamma is alright. (Ha. Ha.)

Well I guess I will close for this time, have to do some work, so Bye Bye Darling. From your Sweetheart.


Well Sweetheart just got your card today and thought I would finish this letter. I don’t have much time now to write or do much of anything , but I have to take time to write to my darling. I have been working day and night lately on my lessons, because we have our final exams next Friday (26) so keeps me pretty doggone busy, we have a test about every other


day. We had a test in Geography and I got a 94, not so bad isn’t it?

Well it is snowing and blowing terrible now, has been all day. The Red Cross women were supposed to meet up at the school house today and I come home at noon to take Mamma and Aunt Lillie up there in the car and it was blowing so hard and


was so cold that Mamma had called all of them up and told them that we would wait till next Thursday and so when I got home I stayed home and didn’t go back, except teacher thought I played hooky but I don’t care if she did.

Say Hon the next time you have an ice cream soda you just


send a couple bites down here to me. Say just tell that Boss (as you call him) to write if he wants to. Oh!I mean if you don’t care.

Say Mamma said she was getting tired of me holding her hand for you but she would like for you to do it awhile (HA). Well sweetheart I made some of the best candy


Today I wish you had some but it is too soft to send you any. It is Chocolate Caramel and it is good too! I suppose you would think that was because I made it. I got my mug so full now I can’t talk.

Well sweetheart it is ten o-clock and Mamma and Papa will be going to bed pretty soon so guess


I will have to quit. I was supposed to do my arithmetic tonight but write my Georgie Boy instead. Well good-night Darling.

From your Girlie


All for you, just kissed these

Mamma said Hello

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