Letter 17

If I could only kiss you tonight I would feel so much better only one hundred % better, not so much is it?”

This is the last letter from the year 1919. After this, I only have a few left from after Georgie and Lillie and married, 10 years later. I only have a couple of letters from Georgie, so I think it’s really special that the last one before they’re married comes from him.

Even through long distance, a deployment to France, and a chance of heart from Lillie when she thought she loved another, Georgie has been tried-and-true. A true gentleman with a big heart, Georgie has stood by Lillie through it all. They’re about to be newlyweds, and you can really tell in this mushy, love letter to his gal. As always, on the back he writes S.W.A.K. (Sealed with a kiss.)



December 30 – 1919
Mon night

Darling girly,

How you is tonight? Ok. I am so lonesome that I really do not know what to do with myself. I do not know what is the matter with me. I just feel like I do not want to live without you, now what do you think about that? Honest sweetheart, you cant imagen how lonesome I am for you tonight. Oh I just want to love you so bad. 

I have Berry halving wood today. Did not work very hard. Thought nothing new though for me is in honey girl.

If I could only kiss you tonight I would feel so much better only one hundred % better, not so much is it?

I would feel better anyhow if I knew that you were coming out for New Years ok? Honey I want you to come so bad if you knew how my heart was breaking just thinking about you, I can just feel it knocking. It is trying to get out so hard to go to you. I guess that it what it is trying to do it must be that.

Sweetheart I just love you and love you and love you and there love you more and more honest I do Lillie.

Guess I had better ring off with bushels of love and kisses.

From your Georgie Boy or Future H.

X x x x x

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