Letter 12 & 13

“You surely don’t want a girly that loves another one as much as she does, do you?”

Are you ready for a plot twist?

I decided to combine letters 12 and 13 because they go hand in hand and were somehow written within 2 days of each other. It appears that Georgie has asked for Lillie’s hand in marriage! Yay? Unfortunately, Lillie reveals that she loves someone else in addition to George! *Gasp* I was actually shocked to find this out considering how lovey and devoted she seems in her letters. We don’t know who this “Ernest” is, but I already don’t like him. How dare he take Lillie’s attention away from our sweet Georgie Boy?!

You can imagine George’s frustration when he hears this news. He apparently called her on the telephone and was “awfully mad,” according to Lillie. She seems surprised and even indignant towards his reaction, and begs him not to be angry with her. Also, it’s important to note that at this point Georgie is home and only a few towns away (on leave, perhaps?)If I were Georgie, I’d hurry on down to Greely and get my girl!


Letter 12

Greely, Colo.
Oct 1 – 1919

Dearest Georgie Boy,

I received your letter yesterday, Sweetheart I don’t know what to do. You make it so that I couldn’t turn you down if I wanted to. But my Dear boy you surely don’t want a girly that loves another one as much as she does, do you? I have tried and tried ever since our other trouble to make myself think that I loved you and you only, but I can’t. I just simply can’t stop thinking of Ernest. I laid awake last night for more than 3 hours after I went to bed and tho’t about your letter and what I was going to do. But Darling I can’t decide. I will have to let someone else decide for me I guess. You told me to be careful the way I decided and Ernest told me to be sure and decide the way he would, so what am I going to do. You were wrong when you said I would laugh at your letter Honeyboy. I didn’t. I read it over and over again.

Well I guess I must close and help Grandma wash. Do write soon please.

Goodbye Sweetheart
I will close with love and xxx
Your girlie


Letter 13

Greely Colo.
Thurs Oct 2 – 1919

My Darling Sweetheart,

How is my boy today – well I know, cause he told me over the phone. Didn’t he? Sweetheart what made you talk over the phone like you did? My, you sure didn’t talk like you wrote. You talked like you were just awfully mad at me & never, never would get into a good humor again.

Is that the way you are going to act when I come home, if so I don’t want to come home, but Sweetheart you shouldn’t be mad at me for telling you the truth. If I had lied to you, why then you might have had a right to get mad at me, but please Dear Boy don’t be mad. Please, please! Don’t be mad at your Girlie and do write, I have written 3 letters now with this one and I have only gotten one, but i know why now and I do hope you get this one. But please, pretty please write to me.

Grandpa just came in from cutting beans, Grandma has been out with Grandpa most all p.m. So I have been by my lonesome most all p.m. I sure looked for a letter from you today and sure was disappointed when I didn’t get any. But I suppose you have been disappointed too. Haven’t you dear?

Helen and I walked into town last night to the show and seen “The Shephard of the Hills.” I have read the book and I was awfully anxious to see the show. Say Georgie Boy, have you ever read that book? If you haven’t maybe I can bring it down to you, I am reading a good book now. The name is “Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall” I am going to bring it home.

Well Sweetheart I must close now and help G. with supper. Now please Sweetheart write real soon. Will close with love and remain your sweetheart.


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