Letter 11

“And they were from a darling little boy, who has got rooms rented in my heart”

This is a shorter letter, but confirms that Lillie and Georgie are still very much in love and writing each other regularly. In this letter, Lillie shares that she is going to a dance (pretty usual event for her, she’s definitely a social butterfly!) and a town picnic. I was surprised that there might be a merry-go-round at this picnic, considering it’s such a small town. I would love to travel back in time to this picnic to see what Lillie wore to this neighborhood event and see how much fun she had.

Ladies picnicking in the early 1900’s.

PA Duryea 1915 Reithoffer Original Merry Go Round

She even included a piece of fabric from a dress she’s making in the letter, which Georgie most likely kept with him in France. I also thought it was sweet that Georgie send Lillie an apron and handkerchief from France, what a special gift!

Please enjoy Letter 11:


Ft Lupton, Colo.
June 18 – 1919

My Darling Sweetheart,

How is my little boy tonight? Alright I hope, I am feeling pretty good rather sleepy tho.’

Oh say Honey, there is going to be a dance next Saturday night and the Grange is giving a big picnic a week from tomorrow (thurs) down on the river by watten-burg. Won’t you please come and go too, My I sure would like for you to be here to go with me. Gee, wouldn’t it be Paradise, I’ll say it would.

I’m sure we would enjoy ourselves, won’t you think we would, Honeyboy? They are going to have a lot of races and a ball-game and maybe a merry go round and oh – lots of things. Going to have some time – believe me. Mama and I took the Mexicans into town this morning and then Norabelle (aunt Lillie’s girl) went to Greely tonight, so we took her to the train and it rained quite a bit before we went and we just plow’d thru the mud going into town. Oh, the roads were just terrible, and then it rained some while we were in town, but the roads were kinda settled too, made them a whole lot better.

Mama, Daddy, Baby & I all went to Denver last Thursday.Sure had a good time too and then we went to a doings over to Lupton Sat. night, a drill team came down from Denver (the best team in the U.S.) they won the silver cup & $1,000 besides. It was just grand , no boy in it just the girls, but I sure thot it was grand.

Sylva and I were in Greely the first of last week from Sun to Wed eve. Had a pretty good time, had a nice visit. We just went down for Sylva to do something. Well sweetheart it is 10:30, so O must close for tonight, with bushels of love. XXX

From your little Girlie,
I Love you X

This is a piece of my new dress I am making . You know you always liked me in pink so well.

Bye bye, your girlie

Fri morning

The mail man didn’t take this yesterday so I will write a few lines to my boy.

I just bet you don’t know what I got yesterday. I got a package from France, and it was a pretty little apron & handkerchief (I guess that’s what it was). And they were from a darling little boy, who has got rooms rented in my heart, now do you know who he is? And oh! How glad I wasto get them, you just don’t know how glad I am to get anything from my boy and thank you a thousand times, until better paid (nothing meant you know I always said that)

I am going to Sylva’s this morning and old Teddy & stay ‘til tomorrow so bye bye, your little Girlie.

You can have XXXXXX all you want.

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